RAGONOXWelcome to my commission site!
- You can find all the information you need about my commissions here!
- Next Opening: Will be announced!
Digital Art Commissions: CLOSED
Reference Sheet / Custom Design Commissions: CLOSED
YCH Commissions: CLOSED
Animated Commissions: CLOSED
When I'm OPEN
- If you are interested in getting a commission, just DM me on social media and ask!
- Please mention that you are interested in a commission within your first message, otherwise you will probably get ignored!
(All of my social media can be accessed through my linktree!)
- If you'd prefer, you can always email me at [[email protected]] about commissions as well!

- Only some commission types and fewer slots will be available if I'm semi-open, DM and ask!

When I'm open, semi-open or CLOSED
- You can DM to be added to the pinglist about anything, and I'll let you know the next time I'm open or when I can take on your commission! Either for everything or just specific stuff.
- There is also a chance that I'll accept your commission request if you're okay with waiting longer. So feel free to reach out about anything, anytime!

★ Commission openings, YCH slots, new adopts etc. are announced on my social media, discord server and telegram channel. ★

★ Gradient Bust ★
- Sketchy side-profile bust of your character that I color in with a colorful gradient, and minimal shading!
- The colors will be based on the character's colors but won't be accurate to the palette!
I can finish them pretty fast that way!
- 15 €

★ Flat Color Bust ★
- Sketchy side-profile bust of your character with flat color & minimal shading!
- Hands / paws will cost extra!
I can finish them pretty fast that way!
- 20 €

★ Flat Color Icon ★
- Flat color side-profile bust of your character!
- Background will be a blurred image! White bg examples are outdated for this type!
- Won't draw hands / paws on these.
- 25 €

★ Shaded Icon ★
- Shaded side-profile bust of your character!
- Won't draw hands / paws on these.
- 30 €

★ Halfbody ★
- Flat Color: 40 €
- Shaded: 50 €
★ Fullbody ★
- Flat Color: 60 €
- Shaded: 70 €
- Extra Character: +85%

★ Character Page ★
- Flat color clean sketches of your character with various poses and expressions!
- 90 €
x1 Bust, x1 Halfbody, x1 Fullbody

★ Fullbody Illustration ★
- 140 €
- 1080x1920 (1080p), perfect for wallpapers!
- Mostly artistic freedom for the pose and background, but feel free to give any rough ideas you might have for the vibe!
- Would prefer quadruped and/or winged characters for this comm type! (Dragons especially <3) However I will consider other characters as well so don't hesitate to ask!
- I will pick a background photo to reference from and fit your character into it!

★ Reference Sheets ★
- Cleanly sketched flat color references of your character!
- Fullbody: 55 € each
- Headshot: 20 € each
- Symmetrical chibi for front or back design: 20 € (Both together: 35 €)
- Outfit chibi: 25 € for the first one, +10 € for any extra ones
- Extra close-ups (such as maw/paws/wings/tail): 5 € each
- Text info / color palette: Free
Both examples below are designed by me also!

★ Custom Designs ★
- Custom prices are basically "Reference Sheet + Design Fee".
- For example, if you want an anthro fox design with a headshot and a fullbody;
the price would be headshot + fullbody + design fee.
- Here are some base prices for the Design Fee:
Simple Design: +15 €
Medium Design: +20 €
Complex Design: +25 €
- If you'd like to see more examaples of my recent designs please ask in DM's!
★ Designs On Bases ★
- I can also make designs on pre-made bases! Feel free to ask me if I have any specific ones.
- Price depends a lot. Starting at 25 €
- You can also buy me the base you want used if I don't have it!
Base examples below are by Dracononite

★ YCH (Your Character Here) ★
- Pre-made sketches / templates I will fit your character into!

★ Bandana Icon YCH ★
- Base price: 25 €
- Can change: hair / ears / nose
- Won't change: body type / pose / expression / muzzle shape
- Bandana can be a pride flag or single color
- You will get a transparent background version too!
- Complexity of the character may increase the price.
- Any extra accessories might cost extra.

★ Animated Digital Art Commissions ★
- Currently I do not have any non-ych examples, but I'm planning on making some one day!
If you are interested in something animated feel free to ask me (even when I'm closed!)
- Simple designs are preffered. Complex designs will increase the price.
- Any species, but canine / dragons preferred!
- Accessories will cost extra.

★ New Animated Icon YCH ★
- Base price: 40 €
- Any species, but canine / feline / dragons preferred!
- Complexity of the character may increase the price.
- Accessories will cost extra, and I'd rather not do complex ones.
- You'll get the individual frames and a gif file!

★ Old Animated Icon YCH ★
- Base price: X
- Very high quality, 3 frame flat color icons!
- Any species, but canine / dragons preferred!
- Complexity of the character may increase the price.
- Accessories will cost extra.

★ Animated Tail Wag YCH ★
- Base price: X
- Any species, but canine / feline / dragons preferred!
- Complexity of the character may increase the price.

★ VRChat Avatar Re-texture Commissions ★
- I'll make a re-texture of your character on an already existing model, or make a custom design!
I can only use Substance Painter and 2D drawing softwares to edit textures, I am not advanced in Blender.
- You must own the model you are getting a commission of already. This is due to modellers' terms.
- If you want to get a re-texture commission for an avatar I do not own, you're gonna have to pay me the model's price as well!
- You will be getting WIP's as I work on your texture!
- Depending on my availability, I might compose 3D reference compilations like the three you see below, AND take a bunch of nice pictures in different vrc worlds, for free!
If you want to get those for sure though, that will be +17 £
If you want the compilation to be like a character reference sheet with text info and a color palette, that will be an extra +4 £
- You will receive a .zip file containing all the texture files! I will not provide the .spp file!

★ Prices ★
- Exact prices depend on the complexity of the model I'm working on and the complexity of the character's design.
Option A: Custom Design
Starting at 21 £
You pick a model and give me artistic freedom on the design!
You can give me some ideas such as a theme or colors ^^
Keep in mind, for this option I'll be editing the pre-made textures that come with the base models for the most part!
Option B: Your Character
Starting at 35 £
You give me a reference sheet of your character and I'll bring them to life!!
I'll make these as accurate as possible! But if the design is complex, the accuracy levels may drop.

Avatars I own and can work with right now:- skip4d's Puppy + DLC1
- JuliaWinterPaw's Male Canine
- Triwavebz's Protogen
- Tokyozilla's Tiger Bee
- Tokyozilla's Dragon + wings (got it from patreon)
- skip4d's Big Cat
- alber's Hyenid
- corvidcurse's Dromeowyrm
Avatars I own but do not have too much experience re-texturing:
- skip4d's Airplane Dragon
- JuliaWinterPaw's Female Canine
- moopdrea's Dragon
- Nicoreda's Kobodal
- Lux Aeterna's Synth
- Nardo's Nardoragon

★ Important Information About TOS ★

- You automatically agree to my Terms of Service once you buy something from me. I make sure to let every client know about this before payment. "I didn't know / didn't see this / didn't read the TOS" is not a valid excuse for anything.

- If you commission me again in the future, you must re-read the TOS before payment again.
This is because the TOS can go under changes.

- I want to clarify that, if my TOS comes off as too cold and strict; there are several reasons as to why. I've been doing digital art commission work for a couple of years now and have worked with hundreds of people, so please trust me when I say there is a good reason for every term's existence.
I also like to be professional with my work.
I don't want to come off as an intimidating person to approach or work with because of my TOS. I always try my best to use a light-hearted tone towards my clients and be friendly :)

- I reserve the right to make changes to my TOS whenever I deem it necessary. You have the right to save a copy of the version of the TOS that you agreed to, if you'd like. Make sure to save it with the "last updated" date included.
I will never make any drastic changes to the TOS that would exploit clients. If there is a new / edited term that's of major importance and has an impact on current clients, they will be made aware.

- You won't get away with intentionally exploiting any potential loop-holes within my terms, don't even try.

- I reserve the right to change my prices whenever I deem it necessary.

- If you have any mental disorders / disabilities that may affect your experience working with me (such as feeling anxiety after a long time of not hearing updates, or having OCD and needing your character to be drawn more accurately) feel free to let me know! I have several disorders myself and am very understanding about this topic. Though please keep in mind that there is a limit to how much I can bend my own rules, and I very much won't appreciate being lied to about something like this!

- I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as being plural and otherkin. If you are actively against the existence or rights of any part of my identity, or participate in any groups that do so; please stay away from me, I do not want to do business with you.

★ Terms of Service ★
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

0. What will I draw?
Will draw: Anthro, quadruped, taur, mlp, slight gore (blood, scars etc.)
Won't draw: Human/humanoid, NSFW, heavy gore (guts spilling out, decapitation etc.)
or anything I don't feel comfortable drawing
These are general guidelines. I might be willing to draw some "won't draw" things sometimes.
This is usually the case if I approach you about a commission myself, or if we are friends.

1. Declining Requests
I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason. I do not have to tell you what the reason is.

2. Payment
I take payment upfront through Ko-fi in Euro (EUR) €
You can pay with other currencies! I won't start till I receive the money.
You will need either a credit card, debit card, or google pay / apple pay to be able to send me money through Ko-fi.
Do not send me money for a commission if we haven't agreed to it in DM's yet.
Only send me money if you want to donate or if I give you the link and tell you to send a specific amount.
I can not use paypal at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience.

3. Age Restriction
You must be 15 or older to commission me.
Minors (15, 16, 17) must have permission from parents / guardians and/or the legal ability and rights to use the payment method they are using to pay me money.

4. Style
My style may vary. Commissions are experimental, and I am not a machine!
Also please note that I always put a subtle filter on my art, even with flat color pieces!
If you want to use a flat color piece you get from me as character reference please let me know and I'll give you a non-filtered version.

5. Complexity
Complex characters, concepts etc. can cost extra.

6. References & Artistic Liberty
I need clear digital references. This can be a flat color piece too, not necessarily a ref sheet!
You don't have to, but feel free to specify things and give as many references as you like! I will use artistic liberty for unspecified aspects of the piece like background, pose, expression, etc.

7. What else?
If you don't see any examples/prices of what you are looking for, we can discuss it in DM's!
But keep in mind if something isn't listed here as a commission option, there is a low chance I'll want to do it.

8. Schedule / Turn Around Times (TAT)
I don't have a schedule at the moment. I draw whenever I'm able to!
Commissions usually take only a few weeks to be done but I reserve the right to give myself up to 3 months to finish a piece.
It will not take longer unless something gets in the way (such as; school, physical and/or mental health, real life stuff)
In that case you WILL be notified.
My Trello Queue is public and updated real-time.
Please do not ask me for updates, everything you need to know is going to be on the queue.
I have an "updates" section there where I post recent updates regarding my availability!
I accept rush fees! Please ask about this before you send me any payment.
The price will depend on how busy I am / how big the piece is / etc.
If you pay a rush fee, you will guarantee your commission to be finished within 1-4 weeks, instead of 3 months.

9. Work In Progress (WIP's) & Extra Versions
I usually give WIP's to check with the client if everything is as desired. However, I reserve the right to not give you WIP's if you didn't ask for it specifically. So if you want to see WIP's for sure, please let me know before I start.
Changes will not be made after the piece is done, unless it's an important mistake regarding the character's design.
If you want an extra transparent background version, or if you want any sort of other extra versions, like the flat color version of a shaded piece for example; let me know before I start. These will not cost extra.
If you want any extra versions that requires me to do more work, let me know before I start. These will cost more.

10. Posting & Credits
Please do not post a piece you get from me on social media before I post it myself.
I mainly use Twitter at the moment.
Profile pictures / banners / wallpapers are all okay. However, if you use my art as an icon / banner / pngtuber / model texture on any site where you create content, especially if you earn money from it (this includes Youtube, Twitch and so on), you MUST put my linktree as credit somewhere in your bio, panels or descriptions etc.
Always give me credit (RAGONOX) when you repost something I made for you, no matter where you post it.
If you put my art on toyhouse please credit me with my linktree.

11. Watermark
You can not edit out, crop out or replace my watermark "@RAGONOX" under any circumstances. Do not ask me for changes regarding my watermark.
This only doesn't apply to stickers / emotes / pngtubers etc.

12. Personal / Commercial Use
Anything you purchase from me is for personal use only, which means you can not profit from my art. You can sell adopts / designs you got from me, but can not sell for more than what you paid, unless the character has extra art.
Commercial use can be discussed.

13. My use of your pieces
Your commission will probably be posted on social media, unless you specifically ask me to not. There is also a chance I'll keep it up on my website as a commission example, or use it anywhere else to promote my art.

14. Refund Policy
I am unable to do refunds at the moment. Please do not buy something from me if you aren't sure you can afford to do so.
If your piece takes an unreasonably long amount of time to be done I will find a way to refund you.
If there is already progress on the piece you will only get a portion of your money back.
I will not refund your Ko-fi subscription for any reason, as I deem it more of a donation to support me while also getting some rewards in return, rather than buying the rewards. I will also not refund you for any digital products (such as bases or adopts / designs) you may purchase from my Ko-fi shop.

15. Crypto / NFT's
I will not accept cryptocurrency that harms the environment as payment.
You are not allowed to under any circumstance affiliate my artwork with NFT's
I do not support NFT's and I do not permit my artwork to be sold as NFT's or anything similar.

16. Blacklist / Blocks / Bans
If anyone goes against my Terms of Service, makes me uncomfortable, is being rude, or anything similar; they will be added to the blacklist. When someone is on the blacklist, they will not be able to do business with me in any way anymore.
If I feel the need to blacklist a current client, I will either finish their piece as soon as possible, or do a refund and finish the business before adding them to the blacklist.
My artist friends will also be notified and I will advise them against doing business with these people.
I reserve the right to block anyone for any reason, or ban them from my spaces and communities for any reason.
I do not have to disclose the reason to anybody. Rest assured I will not scam you with an excuse like this, you will always get your money or your money's worth of art back before a potential block / ban.
However, this doesn't apply to Ko-fi subscriptions, as stated in the Refund Policy term.